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About Me

Hello there!

I have written articles and blog posts for several online publications including, but not limited to Tiny Buddha, MindBodyGreen, Crazy Sexy Life ( and Thought Catalog.

I’ve worked for an exciting plethora of people and companies over the years (see my work), been published in print four times (so far), and written extensively about my struggles with growing up, mental health, loss, finding my place in the world, and so on and so forth. Processing my emotions and experiences through writing is one of my favorite things to do, and I strive to help other people process theirs by being a voice, an influence, and a friend.

When I’m not writing, speaking metaphorically, or Googling how to do literally everything, I can usually be found sleeping, having pointless conversations with my miniature dachshund, bumming rides, reading books with troubled characters, and avoiding adult responsibility.

I’m really glad you decided to stop by. Make yourself at home.

- M

My Writing Philosophy

Writing is how I process everything that happens in my internal and external environment. If I have something on my mind, you're going to read about it. If I have something in my heart, you're going to read about it. If I experience extraordinary joy or paralyzing struggle, you're going to read about it. I'm proud of my ever-growing body of work, and my goal will always be to share my stories, offer my hand, inspire hope, and learn about the inner workings of my soul.