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Hello friends, and thank you for sticking around.Call it stress, call it excuses, call it poor time management, but lately I've been feeling like I don't have time for any of the things I love the most - things that bring me that priceless sense of peace and contentment I once prioritized.I  Full Post

Taking a Step Back

I find it ironic that I'm "taking a step back" almost immediately after launching a website that is supposed to make me feel like a productive and successful writer/member of society in general."I'm a REAL writer. Just look at my WEBSITE."But alas, I feel myself faltering a bit. It's a good  Full Post

An Introduction (And 15 Random Fun Facts)

Hey guys!First of all, HOW COOL IS THIS LITTLE PLACE? If you've been keeping up with me over at Journey of a Soul Searcher for the last five years, you can probably imagine how awesome it is to finally have my own site. I think we can all agree that my wonderful designer did an amazing job  Full Post